A beautiful human being – who blogs


I know that I have been writing a lot more personal posts than anything else, but I am in a period of transition and I feel that it is important to express where I am and things I am thinking about, so I hope you don’t mind too much.



Recently, I have read a few posts done by a blogger I just found. I find her posts to be soothing and comforting. Each post has an important message and sends an important feeling which I feel everyone can connect to. Plus, there’s an aesthetic to her posts. That’s always a bonus.

I am writing this post in appreciation of her, because I feel that her posts can often express things that I, and many of you, may feel, except she uses just the right words and sets the perfect atmosphere. Reading her posts, the world around me becomes quiet. Her words are the kind that would silence a room if relayed correctly.

And maybe I feel this way because of the mood I was in while reading her posts, or even my current mindset, or maybe because I love and admire BTS as well. Maybe reading her posts won’t inspire you as much as me, but I personally enjoyed reading her posts and feel that who I am is irrelevant if you use the right words.

So, who is this ‘her‘?

Her name is Maia. And I really think you should check out her blog (AMAZING MAIA). I found her blog by accident, but what I nice blessing that was. You see, I wanted to read something enjoyable ‘BTS’ relatedΒ (referring to the Kpop group I love so very much).Β So, on WordPress Reader, I searched ‘Kim Taehyung’, and Maia’s post popped up. I was immediately captured by the first image.

As I read her post, I began to appreciate every word and once I was finished, I returned to her blog to explore it and read more. Her most recent post (which is inspired by Kim Namjoon) is one of my favourites now as well and I really enjoyed it. I am now continuing to read more of her posts, as well as the ones not BTS related.

So anyways

Typing this, I was not sure where I wanted to go with it. Where my thoughts would run to I wondered? Usually, when writing a post, I have a goal or message behind it. And always a reason. But today, reading her posts, I just felt beautiful and I thought to tell you about it.


-Brittney ❀




9 thoughts on “A beautiful human being – who blogs

  1. Never worry about the fact that you are writing more personal posts 😊 It’s always nice to read them. And it’s also very cool of you to share this. I’m honestly not much into Kpop, but it’s nice to see you have discovered a new blog that you enjoyed. There is so much talent out on WordPress..keep discovering new ones every day πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you and to be honest I felt a little awkward writing this post since it was something unusual for me, but I thought her writing style is simply lovely and unusually relatable and soothing, so I hope others can appreciate it as well πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi, Brittney!

    I’m still in the proccess of assimilating all the things you’ve said about my writing and my posts, so pardon me if this comment is a bit all over the place! Honestly, I feel so grateful and flattered, and all warm inside because of your words! It really is my ultimate goal to relay a message and reach out toward my readers’ hearts every time I make a new post, so to hear that it worked with you is amazing to me!

    Thank you so much, and good luck on this period of transition that you are going through. I am sure you will come out of it even more beautiful in every way.

    – Maia

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    1. Hello!
      I was rather nervous to write this post in case you might not enjoy such a mention, but I really felt it hard to try and use my own words to relay the messages I received through your posts and all those feelings, so I thought it best just to send any of my readers who may stumble upon this directly to you πŸ˜‰
      And thank you very much for the kind words! I know many people will appreciate your words through your posts and passions and I cannot wait to read more posts of yours ^^ !


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