A Haven

Hello I have had a challenging past 2 days, and that is putting it lightly. I have been at war with myself, that is, in my head. I have unintentionally tortured myself, and I don't understand, yet, why I suddenly felt the way I did. I hated myself, and for no reason really. I hadn't… Continue reading A Haven


Some Snazzy Writing!

Hello! I have not posted in a while and I apologise, but here I am and with something to share! I thought to share a piece of my creative writing I have been working on. The genre is horror, and the story is definitely not completed. This is a piece from a long story/novel I… Continue reading Some Snazzy Writing!

50 OF YOU!

Hello! Today is a special occasion because Brittney Blog has just reached a huge milestone which is having 50 FOLLOWERS !   Firstly, a huge THANK YOU is in order because this is because of you 🙂 Heck, this IS you! During the course of my blogging experience, I have received many kind mentions, nominations… Continue reading 50 OF YOU!