Hello! My friend suggested the anime Parasyte to me, and since the last anime she recommended to me was Future Diary, I definitely took her recommendation to heart and gave the anime Parasyte a go. I binge watched the first 19 episodes in two days, and then due to exams and just a whole bunch of busyness, I had… Continue reading Parasyte


Last days of September… a Catch-up

Hello! I feel rather guilty for not being active on my own blog, as well as many of yours! So I decided to take the time to write about how September has been for me, what I have been up to, and what I am looking forward to! Before I proceed though, I would like… Continue reading Last days of September… a Catch-up

A Haven

Hello I have had a challenging past 2 days, and that is putting it lightly. I have been at war with myself, that is, in my head. I have unintentionally tortured myself, and I don't understand, yet, why I suddenly felt the way I did. I hated myself, and for no reason really. I hadn't… Continue reading A Haven